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We specialize in Eyebrow Shaping as well as Brazilian Waxing. Brows frame the face. All brows are different. Let us help you

find the perfect brows for you.


We use waxing techniques which are designed to speed up the process, minimize the pain and awkwardness usually associated with waxing, especially below the belt, and to ensure the utmost in cleanliness.


Cleanliness, comfort, excellent customer service and professionalism are the guiding principles. There is absolutely no “double dipping” of wax sticks, a common safety and health concern associated with waxing. In addition to the Brazilian wax, we also offer a full menu of waxing services.


9:00am - 6:00pm


4100 S Lindsay Rd, Suite 121, Bldg 6
Gilbert, Arizona
(480) 279-1113

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